Josh Brotin
Founder, TradingCrypto
Senior Analyst, Lead Currency Trading Researcher
14 Years of experience in trading currencies on international
Forex exchanges, 4 years Crypto trader.

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Since our inception, we were guided by one main principle – Results.

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What to Do in Case No Spots Are Available
Our free introductory courses have become a signature facet, and a definitive element of our success.
We try our best to admit as many students as we can, conducting a few live introductory courses every quarter – but with demand being high and spots in every workshop limited to 200, we suggest you register in advance to one of the available courses this quarter.

In case no spots are available, don’t be discouraged! Refer to our waiting list, and we will try and secure a spot for you during the next yearly quarter, or alert you in case a seat frees up.

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